Keys to Hiyaa flats to be handed over upon agreement signing

The keys to the Hiyaa social housing flats will be handed over to its recipients on the day on which agreements are signed between the recipients and the government, Housing Development Corporation, HDC has said.

HDC will be signing agreements with the recipients of the Hiyaa flats from July 14 onward at Huravee School Hall. Agreement signing for all flats is expected to be completed within a month from July 14. 25 tables will be set up in the hall such that 25 agreements can be signed simultaneously. Therefore, 300 to 350 agreements are expected to be signed in a day.

Flat recipients will be able to view their units from Saturday onward. Recipients can view the flats until July 4. Only two people from each household can view the apartment. Those who could not view the apartments prior to signing the agreement can view their apartments later after following agreement signing.

Managing Director of HDC, Suhail Ahmed said recipients can inspect their flats and fill a form if there are any issues with the flats. After that, the keys to the apartments will be immediately handed over to the recipients. The agreements will be signed in the order of the towers , and all recipients are instructed to pay extra attention to attending the signing event at the given time.

The draft agreement has now been published on HDC's website. As 6,720 units are being handed over to recipients, HDC advises all recipients to read through the draft agreement before coming for agreement signing in order to save time.