MDP publishes eligible voters' registry

Main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has publicized the final list of voters eligible to vote in the party's upcoming national council elections.

The list was published on the party's website on Saturday. The party said any member who is not listed on the document cannot vote in the election. The party requested its members to ensure their names are on the list prior to going to vote in the election.

MDP earlier published its final list of candidates contesting in the election. The party had decided that members linked to the MMPRC corruption scandal, and any members being investigated by the Presidential Commission on Death and Enforced Disappearances, cannot contest in the election. This disqualified Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof, and State Minister at Planning Ministry, Akram Kamaluddin, from contesting in the election. Both members appealed the disqualification at the party's appellate council, which has since decided that both members are eligible to contest in the election.

MDP's national council election is scheduled to be held on September 25. 730 candidates will be vying for 455 spots in the election. 300 ballot boxes will be placed across Maldives and 900 officials will be involved in the election process.

MDP has 93,354 registered members.