Over 1,000 people who frequent drug cafes identified: Police

Maldives Police Service has said over 1,000 locals who seek services from 'drug cafes' run in the capital city have been identified. The police disclosed the information in a press conference held Monday.

The police said out of 1118 people identified as customers of drug cafes, 305 people are those who have been dismissed from drug rehabilitation programs. One hundred forty-one people have been convicted two times, while 101 people are people whose cases pertaining to them were sent back. The police also noted that the court had ordered 217 cafe-goers to complete rehabilitation.

Disclosing the home islands of the cafe goers, the police said most people were from Male' City. The police also revealed the number of men and women who frequented the drug cafes.

The police said between 2915 and 2921, 146 foreigners were involved in serious drug trafficking offenses. Over the last three years, 41 foreigners attempted to smuggle in drugs either through indigestion or other methods in 28 instances. They include 10 Brazilians, nine Pakistanis, seven Bangladeshis, five Indians, and one each from Sri Lanka, Austria, Costa Roca, Ecuador, Kenya, Latvia, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. As per the police, between 2015 and 2021, 525 foreigners were involved in alcohol trade.

The police said all 'drug cafes' run in male' City have been shut down. The last three locations were shut down sometime on Sunday night. The police disclosed the addresses of the cafes: M. Sammaamuaage, Ma. Sevenend House, and M. Dherahaa.

The police said 12 drugs cafes that were previously shut down were later activated. The police have closed the locations once again.