MNP's Vice President, Registrar registered to other parties

Maldives National Party (MNP) 's Vice President Hussain Ismail and the party's Registrar Mohamed Shihab have said their names were registered at other parties without their knowledge.

On Saturday, Hussain tweeted a screenshot of the SMS he received when he sent a message to the Election Commission to check whether his name was on the register of political parties. According to the Election Commission database, Hussain's name is on the MDP register.

Addressing his concerns on social media, Hussain said he is a member of the MNP and is currently the party's vice-president. He said he had been a member of MNP since 2021.

"I do not know why my name should be in MDP's membership registry," Hussain tweeted, tagging the Election Commission's President Fuwad Thaufeek.

Meanwhile, MNP's Registrar Mohamed Shihab has also revealed that his name was registered under Maldives Reform Movement (MRM).

The Election Commission has decided to impose a fine of MVR 10,000 for each invalid form submitted to join political parties. EC Vice-President Ismail Habeeb said the political party, as well as the party's registrar, would be fined for each form. While the first invalid form carries an MVR 5,000 fine, MVR 10,000 will be charged for a second violation.

Since the beginning of the month, Election Commission has been making public the details of those who are being newly registered to political parties.