Yoga Day prisoners on hunger strike

Those arrested in connection with the International Yoga day clashes have started a hunger strike.

Speaking to AVAS, Sheikh Fazloon Mohamed said the prisoners had been deprived of many rights. He said they started a hunger strike on Monday afternoon.

The Yoga Day prisoners have been denied family visits and medical consultation. The documents on the extension of their remand have been withheld, depriving them of their right to appeal. The fan in their cell does not work, and requests to have it repaired have not been granted.

Some of those arrested in connection with the Yoga Day clashes were remanded in custody for 60 days. The remand of some in custody has been extended three or four times.

Twenty-four people were arrested in connection with the June 21 clashes. All but 10 of them have been released from custody. Among those still in custody are religious scholar Sheikh Adam Nishan and former Hoarafushii MP Mohamed Ismail.