Gov't confirms Rafiu's termination over leaked video

The government has sacked the Advisor to the National Centre for the Holy Quran, Ibrahim Rafiu for engaging in sexual relations with a Bangladeshi man.

MD Alamgiri from Bangladesh filmed himself having homosexual relations with a large number of Maldivian men, including politicians, businessmen, and government employees. While Alamgiri has now been arrested, the videos are still being leaked.

On Monday, a video showing Rafiu engaging in sexual relations with Alamgiri was leaked on social media platforms. A government official said Rafiu, who is involved in the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activities, was sacked before the video was released. He said action was taken against Rafiu as soon as the government became aware of Rafiu's involvement in the sex scandal.

The police have arrested several people in relation to the leaked videos, including Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's brother, Nazim Abdul Sattar and former MP Mohamed 'Colonel' Nasheed. Several government employees have also been suspended over the case.