Working on locating those who fled the country: Police

Maldives Police Service has said the authority is working on locating those involved in the homosexuality scandal involving Bangladeshi national MD Alamgiri, that have already left the country.

MD Alamgiri filmed himself having homosexual relations with a large number of Maldivian men, including politicians, businessmen, and government employees. While Alamgiri has now been arrested, the videos are still being leaked. Some seen in the videos have already fled the country, including the now-sacked Advisor to the Centre of Holy Quran, Ibrahim Rafiu, who is now in India.

The police media official said some of the people had left the Maldives while the process of identifying them and imposing travel bans were ongoing. However, the investigation into the suspects still continues, he confirmed. The police assured that they would work to locate those who had already left the country.

The number of people who had homosexual relations with Alamgiri was said to be more than 250. However, the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed, said the number is inaccurate and that so far, 38 are believed to have been filmed with Alamgiri.