Those who suffered losses from unregistered investment schemes asked to file complaints

The Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) has asked the public to file complaints if they have suffered losses from an investment scheme that is not registered with the authority.

The CMDA's request comes at a time when a company owned by former MP Alhan Fahmy and his family members have launched a new trading scheme while being investigated for an alleged investment scheme where investors are still waiting for their investment and return. While the police are investigating cases filed by victims of Alhan's previous investment scheme, they expressed concern that the relevant authorities were not stopping such schemes when Alhan launched a new, similar scheme earlier this week.

In a statement, the CMDA said that unauthorized financial securities transactions cannot be conducted. The CMDA has given the opportunity to those who suffered from such transactions to submit complaints to the authority until March 30. The CMDA's statement reminded that investment and related transactions are included in the definition of securities. Therefore, the authority will prevent transactions that question the credibility of securities transactions, CMDA said.