Mr. Breadz, unregistered, unhygienic: HPA

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said the warning on Mr. Breadz products were issued after strict monitoring to determine if the products were fit for general consumption.

Even though both MFDA and HPA had asserted that the premises were unsanitary, Mr. Breadz had denied the statements. The company on Wednesday said there had been no issues previously noted with their products and no such cases had been registered with MFDA. The company also said they had not been given notice that their products had been banned for general consumption. Mr. Breadz added that the company had acquired the licenses and had strictly followed the rules and regulations set by the relevant agencies.

However, HPA today said the premises were closed as it was "unsanitary and unhygienic".

"The place is unsanitary; workers work sitting on the ground. Very unhygienic. MDFA released the statement after carefully checking the situation," an HPA official said. The official further added that no company under the name of Mr. Breadz had been registered as well.

HPA said that they had ordered the closure of the bakery as it had not been registered with HPA.

MFDA Senior Scientific Officer Sajidha Mohamed said they had not been able to monitor the standards of the place as it was not registered. Additionally, there were many issues with product labeling. However, she assured the bakery was closed after stringent review following complaints lodged with the Authority.

"We received a formal complaint. When we checked we found that the bakery had been operating without required licenses form 2015 onward. So no regulation was carried out. HPA has cautioned them not to operate from 2015 onward,"

"When they operate without licenses we are not able to check or inspect. HPA conducts inspection every six months. If they are not inspected, then we cannot ascertain what happens there," Sajida said.

She added that notice is given to bakeries prior to closure, noting that they have to recall the product from the market.