Aishath Bisham

No delays in prosecution: PG

Prosecutor General Aishath Bisham said presently there were no delays in processing the cases and forwarding the cases to trial.

PG Bisham made the statement in the PG Office session at the Judge's Symposium. Bisham said previously many delays were observed, but now no such delays were observed. She said she believed that processes, procedures and work have become more streamlined.

"I can say that after I was instated as PG, there have been no delays. I have been able to work that much," Bisham said.

She added that even though the cases were handed to PG, after investigation by Police, they had engaged in further information exchange afterwards. Bisham said sometimes statements needed to revised.

"If an issue did not occur, during or after investigations, we are able to forward it to trial in a very short period of time," PG Bisham said.

PG added that in the event they request to revoke or delay a hearing, it was due to unforeseen issues. In some cases, Bisham said some individuals wanted to hold meetings at the last moment. She noted that she holds meetings for requested persons on Tuesday. If those meetings revealed any aspect that needed to be reviewed, then Bisham said that she had instructed to cancel the hearing.