Can appeal Ethics Committee ruling: Committee Chair

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Ethics Committee Chair Ali Waheed has stated that if Faris Maumoon was dissatisfied with the ruling issued by the Committee, then he can appeal the ruling.

He made the statement in response to the letter issued by PPM to the Ethics Committee, which had stated that they were not aware that MP Faris was under review by the Committee.

Ali Waheed said chapter one, clause seven, subsection (a) of the Ethics regulations of the Party clearly stated that any decision made by the Committee must be passed onto the Party Secretariat. Clause seven, subsection (c) also states the decision made by the Committee is the first formal decision by the Party, and if the said member was dissatisfied with the decision, then the member had full rights to appeal the decision in the Appeal Committee.

Ali Waheed said while the Ethics Committee regulations calls for recording and maintenance of records of Committee decisions, though the meeting minutes of the Committee did not needed to be forwarded to the Party Secretary General. He added that it was against the Party regulations when PPM Office said the ruling cannot be carried out and for requesting for an additional letter.

"We instruct the Party Secretary General to implement the Ethics Committee ruling. If the individuals feels the verdict was not just then he can appeal the decision as per the Party laws," Ali Waheed said.