Dr. Mohamed Muiz

Criticims come from those who lost their jobs: Dr. Muizz

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizz has stated that criticisms on the nation's development come from those who had been angered after they lost their jobs and positions in the Government.

In a tweet posted, the Minister said the criticism was not on a subjective basis but rather on grievances with the Government. He said the criticisms lacked factual information.

It is widely believed that Dr. Muizz's comments were aimed at an article penned by former Vice Chancellor of University Hassan Hameed, regarding the running track recently constructed in Rasfannu. The Rasfannu project has been criticized by many, especially after severe erosion of the area.

However, Minister Muizz had defended the work carried out by the Ministry, stating that the Ministry was resolving the issues. The Ministry currently developing parking zones, industrial village and a project to widen some roads of Male'.