President ratifies First Amendment to the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Bill

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has ratified the first amendment to the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Act (Act No. 1/2013).

The amendment bill was passed by the parliament on Wednesday, 17th August 2016, at the seventeenth sitting of the second session of the People’s Majlis. On ratification, the Act has now been published on the Government Gazette.

The amendment requires, except for listed areas by the Ministry of Home Affairs, prior written approval by Maldives Police Service for gatherings around Malé. The Ministry of Home Affairs is to publish the listed areas in the Gazette within 30 days of publication of the Act.

Two additional bills ratified

The President also ratified the second amendment to the Political Party Act (Act No. 4/2013).

The amendment requires all party members to submit finger print identification with their membership form and other supporting documents. Any members who do not conform to the membership requirements set forth in the Act within one month of the publication of this Act will no longer be a party member. The Act also outlines that state funds can only be granted to parties which confirm to the provisions within the act.

He also ratified the ratified the Bill on Gender Equality. The Gender Equality Act seeks to ensure to eliminate discrimination between genders and establishes the role of government and other agencies in the implementation of the Act.