Maldivian dies in SL rail accident

A Maldivian living in Sri Lanka has died from a railway accident.

The deceased is Izham Mohamed (21 years old) of GDh. Madaveli. The accident occurred this morning just in front of Colombo Hotel Ocean. Sources say that Izham, a student at Maldives National University, was in Sri Lanka for the holidays. Videos on Facebook show that Izham's body had been moved from the railway tracks and covered with a white sheet.

Maldivian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Dr. Zahiya Zareer was unavailable for comment presently.

Two companions were with Izham at the time of the accident and have been questioned by Sri Lanka police.

Maldivians at the scene of the accident say that Izham's body is still near the railways. The reason for the accident is yet to be determined.

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