Govt. signals action against report sources

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed today gave a signal that the Government will seek to take action on those who had supplied baseless information to the makers of "Stealing Paradise".

The trailer released by the channel shows former President Mohamed Nasheed, former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and Maldives Independent Editor Zaheena Rasheed.

Speaking in the press conference held in President's Office, Home Minister said that he will seek to prevent any action taken against the Constitution. He said that opposition figures allying with non-believers against an Islamic society was not acceptable.

Azleen said that no responsible party will talk of a coup, adding that it was a worrying situation if there was a group that espoused this view.

"If such trailers are released, stories fabricated, then we'll stop it if they are against the Constitution," he said.

Minister said the Government will review the report, will reveal what was fabricated and will not allow any attacks and slander on any citizen. He added that there was no coup against the Government, adding those talks were perpetrated to create chaos in the country. He said though the message was passed with the assistance of foreign media, there was no substantial basis to it.

Minister Azleen said the Government was stronger than the opposition thought it would be. He said the Government was working to fulfill the aspirations of the citizens. He added that even though this was not acceptable by the opposition, President Yameen will seek to transform Maldives to the next Singapore.