10 missing at sea after boat fire rescued

A crew of 10 missing at sea after a fishing boat caught fire on Wednesday have been found.

Details remain sketchy, but the coast guard said all of the 10 member crew had been rescued by another fishing vessel.

A boat named 'Spare 10' had rescued the missing men shortly after the coast guard had dispatched a vessel to the scene of the distressed boat. The coast guard had also enlisted the aerial assistance of flag carrier Maldivian to locate the missing crew.

The fishing vessel 'Marco Polo 2' caught fire 43 miles off the coast of Maldives around 9.30pm Tuesday.

Most of the vessel had been submerged by the time coast guard arrived at the scene, but none of the crew members were to be seen. It was later discovered that the crew had been rescued by another vessel before the coast guard's arrival.

The vessel was owned by E-Fish Maldives Private Limited with a crew of nine Indonesians and one local on-board at the time of the fire.