English disparity in students from atolls, report reveals

An education ministry report has revealed students residing in the atolls are more proficient in the local language 'Dhivehi' than students from the capital while the reverse is evident in the English language.

The report compiled by the ministry's quality assurance department, published the results of national assessment of learning outcomes on English, Mathematics and Dhivehi. A total of 5,441 students, from grades 4 and 6, from 112 different schools were evaluated in 2015 and 2016.

Education minister, Dr Aishath Shiham released the report during a ceremony held Wednesday at Hotel Jen.

Dhivehi results of grade 4 students were the best in Meemu atoll and the worst in Raa Atoll. As for grade 7, Baa atoll produced the best results and the most poor results were of Laam atoll students.

Addu city, Male city and Fuvahmulah city had the best English results among both 4th and 7th graders. The least promising English results among the 4th graders were of Gaaf Alif atoll.

Fourth graders of atolls Seenu, Baa and Vaavu were proved most proficient in Mathematics.

According to the national assessment report, the aggregate percentage attained by both 4th and 7th graders were between 50 - 60. It also shows that girls were able to produce higher results than boys in every subject.

Speaking at the ceremony, minister stated that students' grades provides an insight into the academic direction. Such surveys play a supportive role in deciding whether the education systems need change, she added.

She also said that surveys urge staff to be more responsible and schools to aim for better educating systems.

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