Police accuse Gayoom's lawmaker son of stalling

Police on Saturday accused deposed ruling party leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's lawmaker son, Faris Maumoon of stalling an ongoing investigation.

Police in a statement had urged the Dhiggaru MP to cooperate with the investigation and to stop making false statements against the police.

The statement said Faris had been summoned for questioning for an investigation conducted by the economic crime department but the lawmaker had requested a lawyer.

Since then Faris has come in for questioning on five separate occasions without a lawyer, the statement read.

The police accused Faris of trying to derail the investigation by making false accusations against the police to the media in an effort to drag out the investigation.

The police has not yet revealed the exact nature of the case they are investigation against Faris, however, it is believed that he is being summoned regarding the the 2008 audit report on the former presidential palace expenses.

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