Remand for suspect arrested over blogger’s murder

Police, on Monday, arrested an individual suspected of being connected to renowned local blogger and social media activist Yameen Rasheed’s murder. The suspect has now been remanded for 15 days by the criminal court.

The suspect, Mohamed Dhifraan native of Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Gahdhoo, was arrested from the slain blogger’s neighbourhood at dawn, Monday.

The 18-year-old suspect was regarded as guilty of having kept track of Yameen’s movements before the gruesome murder on April 22. The police had also raided the suspect’s house, which is in close proximity to the murdered blogger’s home.

Police spokesperson has stated that they do not wish to disclose further information on the investigation at the time.

Details of the suspicions and the arrest remain sketchy.

Blogger Yameen lived in Maafannu ward, near an infamous small roundabout, locally known as “Bis Buru” – which allegedly is a strong gang hangout.

Police had previously launched a special operation to patrol the streets of the capital Male and raided several houses, believed to be connected to the gruesome stabbing murder.

The police identified suspects involved in the murder through a series of CCTV footage and have officially announced a manhunt. During an impromptu press conference last Tuesday, assistant police chief Abdulla Nawaz said the culprits believed to have murdered the blogger Yameen had been caught on CCTV camera. 

Nawaz further said that the police are still reviewing more CCTV footage, and working on enhancing the images which will help identify the perpetrators better. They are also questioning suspects and pursuing leads after identifying some persons of interest, he had added. 

The gruesome murder of Yameen Rasheed had left the entire nation – especially active social media uses, who Yameen was a close ally to, shaken by the news. The public has come together and started a petition to get justice for the blogger, and the petition is to be submitted to president Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom. 

According to Yameen’s family, he was stabbed over 16 times in the neck, head and even the face at around 3am in his own home’s stairwell.