Police send blogger's murder evidence abroad for analysis

Police have revealed that the evidence collected in the murder of renowned local blogger and social media activist Yameen Rasheed have been sent abroad to be analyzed by foreign forensic experts.

The move comes as the victim's family has urged the police and the government to seek foreign aid in the investigation.

According to a statement on Wednesday, Police confirmed that all evidence in connection with the blogger’s gruesome murder to foreign forensic experts for analysis. The police had also noted that two suspects connected with the murder are currently under arrest.

The police had arrested the first suspect from the victim's neighborhood who has since been remanded for 15 days by the criminal court.

The second suspect was arrested Tuesday night.

The police identified suspects involved in the murder through a series of CCTV footage and had officially announced a manhunt. 

The gruesome murder of Yameen Rasheed had left the entire nation – especially active social media uses, who Yameen was a close ally to, shaken by the news. The public has come together and started a petition to get justice for the blogger, and the petition is to be submitted to president Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom. 

Yameen’s family has sent 800 letters to the police, urging to hasten the murder investigation.

According to Yameen’s family, he was stabbed over 16 times in the neck, head and even the face at around 3am in his own home’s stairwell.