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K9 unit sniffs out two drug smugglers

The Drug Enforcement Department (DED) has arrested two individuals with copious amounts of drugs in a house in Male.

The two individuals who were arrested are a 28-year-old male and a 19-year-old female.

According to the DED, they received a tip that drugs were being packed and distributed from the house.

Based on this tip, they had searched the house on Sunday under a search warrant using its ‘K9 squad’ – which is the police’s specially trained dog squad.

The DED found two empty film canisters containing a substance that is believed to be a drug, two shopping bags containing a different substance, and 18 smaller packets of substances.

Additionally, the police found MVR15,000 in cash and some foreign cash, along with a stamp with the Maldivian customs logo on it.

The court had ordered the two individuals to be remanded at a place designated by the home ministry until the investigation is over. Whilst the female suspect got 10 days in remand, the male suspect got 15 days.

މި ލިޔުމަށް 48 ގަޑި އިރު ވެފައިވާތީ ކޮމެންޓުކުރުމުގެ ފުރުސަތެއް ނެތް. މާފުކުރައްވާ!

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