Over 20 arrested over recent gang violence, police say

Police on Tuesday said a total 23 people have been arrested in connection to the recent gang violence in the capital Male that had left two people dead.

In the past week, five people had been stabbed with two fatalities as public lambasted the police and the home minister for its inability to curb the violence.

Police in a statement insisted that raids and patrols in the capital have been increased in a bid to curb the violence.

"... the people arrested include suspects in the recent stabbing attacks. Some of the suspects have prior arrest records in similar crimes," statement read.

A 22-year-old man died on Saturday after four masked men stabbed him in the head and fled the scene. The victim was having coffee with friends at a café in Henveiru district when the stabbing occurred.

The most recent stabbing had occurred on Monday night when a 24-year-old was stabbed in Litus Service Centre. The hospital had pronounced him dead upon arrival. The four men behind the attack had also fled the scene.

Fear has spread across the capital city as gang violence spate continues. After a period of relative calm, Maldives has seen two deaths, with total of nine stabbings and three assaults in gang violence over the past month. Police have increased patrols around the city in the wake of recent spikes in gang violence and organised crime.

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