Opposition again files motion to remove AG

Opposition on Thursday again filed a censure motion against the Attorney General (AG) Mohamed Anil.

Parliament had voided the first motion filed last month saying that motion was filed by the opposition under Article 82 of the constitution which only refers to the removal of the parliament speaker and deputy speaker.

However, the fresh motion signed by 29 lawmakers has been filed under Article 101 of the constitution which deals with the vote of no confidence in a member of the cabinet.

The AG has been at the centre of opposition criticism after engineering a move to disqualify MPs who defect or violate party whip-lines or are formally removed from their respective party after as many as 10 lawmakers backed an opposition led censure motion to unseat the parliament speaker Abdulla Maseeh.

The three judge bench hearing the case unanimously ruled in favour of the government. The court had also ordered relevant institutions to bring into effect an anti-defection law.