Police requests Moni-Con tags on 9 individuals

Maldives Police Service has requested from High Court to issue order on placing Moni-Con tags on 9 individuals - who are believed have illicit involvements.

Police had recently requested to tag a total of 16 individuals under the Moni-Con Act. However Home Ministry had issued permit for tagging 9 out of the 16 individuals. Police had requested from High Court for the order to tag additional 9 suspects.

Moni-Con tags were first placed on suspected individuals of crime or criminal offenses during the tenure of Umar Naseer at Home Ministry's head. A total of 15 individuals were under police surveillance during this period.

Later it was concluded that tags will be placed on individuals after a committee under Home Ministry evaluates and permits for it.

Individuals who are under Moni-Con surveillance is restricted to their residences from 22:00hrs till 06:00hrs, while they can travel only through a registered authorization from Home Ministry. Furthermore, individuals placed under surveillance through the Moni-Con act is prohibited from visiting certain locations or areas as well as their residences and monetary transactions are closely monitored via surveillance on credit card movement.

Additionally authorities are permitted to collect bio-metric details of Moni-Con suspects.