Gender Minister's husband lands new Foreign Ministry vacancy

Gender Minister Zeneesha Shaheed Zaki's husband Ameen Javid Faisal has been appointed as the new Additional Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Faisal, who's great grandfather happens to be the first president of the first republic in Maldives; Mohamed Ameen. He is the son of Ibrahim Faisal, son of Ameena Mohamed Ameen who is the daughter of the first president of Maldives.

Faisal was appointed as the new Additional Secretary to Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

Faisal's family includes prolific members of Maldivian society such as former Defense Minister Ameen Faisal, who is his uncle while the non-resident Maldivian Dr. Faraha Naaz happens to be his aunt.

While Faisal has been appointed into the office of Foreign Ministry, his wife, Gender Minister Zeneesha Shaheed had previously worked at the ministry as well. Faisal himself had been employed at Foreign Ministry between 2004 and 2014 while he had filled responsibilities at both Mission centers of Geneva and New York.