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Immigration introduces multi-purpose 'Passport Card'

President Abdulla Yameen introduces the new multi-purpose 'Passport Card' by Maldives Immigration authority. | Photo: PSM

Maldives Immigration has introduced an innovative new travel tool in the form of 'Passport Card' which nullifies the use of conventional passports while allows travelers monetary transactions.

The Passport Card was introduced during a special ceremony held at President's Office by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Wednesday.

Designed and developed by Immigration Department in association with Bank Of Maldives and Allied Insurance, the revolutionary Passport Card grants its users of using it for monetary transactions across the globe including ATM cash withdrawals and POS machine usage. In addition to this, the card also offers insurance services as well as online transaction services.

Maldives Immigration had gifted a Passport Card to President Yameen during Wednesday's ceremony.

Use of passport cards is limited across the world with a few countries including the USA. US allows the card's use at destinations like Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Bermuda. Meanwhile Europe had introduced a passport card granted for internal flights between European nations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Controller of Immigration Mohamed Anwar praised the new initiatives by President Yameen's regime in bringing technological innovations to the services catered to customers through Immigration Department. He also added the introduction of the passport card would prove beneficial to local travelers allowing them ease in travel and expense usage.

Anwar promised of further technological advancements in bettering the services rendered by the authority, in future.

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  • Nash

    This is a very important move. The cutting edge technology will make life ease. Thank you Anwar and team.


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