Maldives students to switch to tablets by May, govt says

Government would ensure electricity and internet access throughout the Maldives so that students would be able to make full use out of their tablet computers, education minister Dr Aishath Shiham announced Thursday.

The government is looking to introduce tablet computers to all the schools in the Maldives this year.

The minister said the government has been engaged in discussions with the relevant companies to ensure that all students in even the remote islands would have access to electricity and internet.

She said the government had earmarked May 7 as the last date in which every school can switch from text books to tablet computers.

The minister said the government was preparing for any contingencies that may occur as it depends on utility and telecommunications companies to provide the required electricity and internet access to students.

State education minister Ahmed Shafeeu said all students and teachers would have a tablet at the start of the new academic year.