Chief Justice 'bagged' USD 2.4 mil in high-profile 'deal'; Police

Maldives Police Service has confirmed the Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed has received a sizeable profit of USD 2.4 million transferred by a high-profile corporation, to the top-court judges.

Police on Tuesday afternoon had revealed the top-court judge received a hefty sum from a prominent local corporation, which he had used to invest in real estate ventures abroad. Police service media officer Ahmed Shifan claimed the chief justice had received the amount in relation to the opposition's attempt coup plot.

Shifan added that authorities had collected solid evidence of Chief Justice Saeed visiting multiple foreign corporations for investing opportunities, and attempted purchasing several expensive items abroad.

Furthermore police had also claimed they have received evidence of Chief Justice ordering the top-court's IT section to shut down.

Police had also claimed the box recovered from former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's secretary, Najma Hussain, had included a document proving Dhiggaru constituency lawmaker Ahmed Faris Maumoon met with two top-court judges under the direct instruction of the former head of state in an attempt to influence trials.

Authorities on Tuesday urged social media users to refrain from spreading fallacies regarding the investigation or police transparency.

Other evidences were also uncovered from the box recovered from Najma Hussain's residence, according to Maldives Police.

Additionally authorities have confirmed of finding USD 215,000 and another MVR 150,000 from a bag belonging to top-court judge Ali Hameed, which are also linked to the coup plot.

Police had made a total of 13 arrests in relation to the case.