PG for the first time meets slain blogger's family

Prosecutor General Aishath Bisam has met with the family of the slain blogger and social rights activist Yameen Rasheed for the first time.

Several social rights acts and associations have aided Rasheed's family in their cause to proceed his murder trial openly instead of the currently exacted closed-door approach.

The famous blogger who ran the popular satirical blog on social and political issues was found gruesomely stabbed to death at the stairwell of his residence in Maafannu, on the dawn of April 23, 2017.

The victim had more than 20 visible stab wounds all over his body and was announced dead upon arrival to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Rasheed's family had been for months attempting to pursue the local courts to proceed his trial openly and in such manner they had sent an official letter to Prosecutor General's office sometime last week seeking an attendance with PG.

Following the meeting, blogger Yameen Rasheed's family confirmed PG Bisam had assured efforts to push for an open-trial.

Hussain Rasheed, father of Yameen said they were assured by prosecutor general of strong efforts to facilitate an open-trial post the initial hearings of the trial. The family was also ensured of a presentation regarding the trial proceedings a week after the initial hearing concludes.

Though PG Bisam had met only with Yameen Rasheed's parents on Sunday, both his mother and father confirmed prosecutor general had asserted a near-future rendezvous with the civil and social associations and acts advocating for the transparent trial and justice for the blogger.