Fish exports from Maldives boost by 19% in 5-year frame

The exported fish and fish related products from Maldives has increased by 19% during the recent five year time frame.

According to Maldives Monetary Authority's (MMA) annual report for 2017 the fish export from Maldives had gradually increased since 2013.

The exported fish and fish related products in 2013 had reached a worth of USD 166 million whereas in 2017 USD 199 million worth of products were exported to foreign countries marking a 19% growth in the exportation.

Fresh fish in chilled or frozen condition exported from Maldives in 2013 had reached USD 133 million while it bumped to USD 158 million in 2017 registering an 18% increase from this category of fish products.

According to the 2017 annual report of MMA the total worth of skip-jack tuna exported in 2013 reached USD 46 million while the figure topped at USD 76 million in 2017; hitting a 65% increase. However yellow-fin tuna exports showed visible decline since the export worth reached USD 85 million in 2013 while it topped at USD 79 million in last year marking a 7% drop.

Canned and pouch processed fish products exported in 2013 crossed to just USD 16 million while such products exported had significantly increased with a worth of USD 23 million exported in 2017. This is a 43% boost in canned or pouched fish product exportation.