Lukewarm response to 'cheapest price' on goods list

The annual list of 'cheapest price' on goods released during Ramadan by Economic Ministry; released for the current year received lukewarm responses from local businesses and vendors.

The list is comprised of local businesses that request from Economic Ministry to be included in it.

So far the ministry released list includes just two local ventures; the government and public owned State Trading Organization (STO) - which controls staple foods as well as pharmaceutical items - and a comparatively smaller venture; Sosun Mart.

According to the cheapest price list STO generally offers the cheapest option on consumer goods; which is not surprising since the largest local enterprise also has direct logistics options unlike many other local ventures.

In the past the Economic Ministry initiative had been well-received by many of the local corporations who wished to have their businesses identified as outlets to deliver affordable goods.

However this time around the reception to the ministry's initiative in delivering affordable price list to the public had been bland with just two local businesses eventually placing their names for inclusion.