Jogger dies after being hit by motorbike

A young man out jogging in the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale died after he was hit by a speeding motorbike on Saturday.

Hulhumale hospital official Aasiya Solih said three young men had been brought in around 9.20pm where one was in critical condition after suffering severe head injuries.

The 24 year old yet unidentified man was reportedly on his way home after a run when he was hit by the speeding motorbike.

On the request of the family the young jogger was transferred to the Tree Top Hospital, Aasiya added.

But not long after the victim succumbed to his injuries. Two 18 year olds who were on the bike had also sustained varying degrees of injuries where one had been transferred to the privately-run ADK hospital in the capital Male.

Aasiya said the other young man was at the Hulhumale hospital emergency but his condition was stable.