Acts leading to corruption identified in authorizing companies for Hajj

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has stated that actions leading to corruption in awarding authorization for local companies to take pilgrims on the Hajj Pilgrimage has been identified.

Sisilfaru Hajj and Umra Group filed a complaint against the Islamic Ministry when their proposal seeking authorization was rejected this year.

Investigating the case, the graft watchdog identified that the proposals of two companies whose submissions were incomplete were not rejected by the Islamic Ministry.

ACC also revealed that although an evaluation system for the submissions had been publicized, it was identified that high scores were awarded to companies based on the personal view of the members of the evaluation committee instead. Therefore, it is likely that the evaluation was possibly biased, said ACC further.

Therefore, as Sisilfaru Hajj Group has accused of conflicts of interest involving members of the Evaluation Committee, and due to the identified issues in the evaluation stage, the ACC has decided to further investigate the issue, they announced.

While ACC's findings give strength to Sisilfaru Group's claims, the group recently filed a lawsuit at the Civil Court against Islamic Ministry on the issue. However, the case was thrown out of court on the basis that there were procedural issues with the filed lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by the company alleging that Islamic Ministry had not followed the due procedure in authorizing companies as per the information previously provided by the ministry. However, Islamic Ministry has denied all allegations, stating that the ministry had acted within the thresholds of the law. They further stated that no complaints regarding the awarding of proposals had been received by the ministry, and assured that they had carried out their responsibilities with integrity.