Value of seized drugs over MVR 59 mln

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has stated that the value of narcotics seized in the recent operation on Maldivian waters amount to over MVR 59.2 million.

A joint operation was conducted by Coast Guard and MPS on Saturday night, where a foreign vessel carrying narcotics was intercepted 172 miles off Thuraakunu island in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Maldives. While Indian medias reported the boat carried over 150 kg of drugs, Maldivian authorities have not commented on the amount of drugs seized. However, a tweet posted by Commissioner Hameed said the street value of the drugs reach over MR 59.2 million. In his tweet, he also commended Maldivian authorities for a job well in executing the operation.

"Well deserved congratulations to DED, Drug Intelligence, Marine Police for a successful joint operation with the Coast Guard of @MNDF_Official. We interdicted a foreign and a local vessel in the high seas, and seized narcotic drugs that have a street value of MVR 59.2 million", wrote Hameed.

MNDF intercepted the foreign vessel on October 5 in a joint operation four days after Indian authorities alerted MNDF regarding the vessel. When tipped off on a Maldivian vessel involved in the case, fishing vessel 'Hedheykuri-7" was also interceped and detained.

MNDF said while no documents has been found which can confirm the nationality of the country to which the foreign ship has been registered to, the boat had a large amount of suspected narcotics aboard the vessel. The flag state of the vessel is Iran. Six crewman were aboard the foreign vessel at the time of interception, and two Maldivians and two foreigners were aboard the local vessel.