Number of trees planted exceeds number of trees removed: EPA

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed that the number of trees and palms planted during the current year exceeds the number of trees uprooted during the year.

Statistics published by the agency shows 2706 were removed from 21 islands while 8602 trees were planted in five islands.

Trees were planted in Lh. Madivaru, L. Kudahandho, N. Manadhoo, N. Magoodhoo and R. Vaadhoo. Several trees were planted this year in lieu of trees removed from the islands in past years, said the report.

Trees were permitted to be removed from the following islands this year:

Sh Narudhoo, Aa. Thoddoo, R. Rasmaadhoo, R. Vaadhoo, Aa. Mathiveri, L. Gan, R.Rasgetheemu, L. Hithadhoo, Ha. Molhadhoo, R. Agolhitheemu, L. Kudaandhoo, Ha. Baarah, N. Manadhoo, N. Magoodhoo, F. Magoodhoo, Sh. Foakaidhoo, Sh. Goidhoo, N. Lhohi, M. Meyvah, Th. Madifushi and GDh. Vaadhoo.

Environment advocates and the public have expressed concern over the current regulations and policies followed in removing trees. EPA is currently working on revising the regulations.