Qasim was murdered by 21-year old youth.

It has been revealed that the taxi driver Qasim was murdered by a 21-year old youth.

Qasim was found with severe injuries on 4 December in Hulhumale’ Reethigasmagu (Road). He was pronounced dead shortly after taken to the hospital.

The Police has arrested a suspect in connection to Qasim’s murder who has later confessed to killing Qasim. It has been identified that the murderer is Adham Mohamed, 21-year from Lh.Hinnavaru, as per the court order that has been trending in the social media since last night.

The Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has said the weapons used to attack Qasim was found and that that they have identified fingerprints and DNA of the murderers. The weapons used to attack Qasim was found hidden in the grasses 300 feet away from the crime scene.