Why go Crossroads these days?

Preparations are ongoing to welcome 2020. To celebrate the new year, people are traveling to various places. Crossroads on the Enboodhoo lagoon near Male' is fully prepared to welcome the year 2020.

The Marina Maldives at Crossroads is fully prepared with various activities that will be carried on from Saturday onward until the arrival of the new year. Even Maldivians can participate in these activities.

The most noticeable activity is the JD show that will be carried on at Marina Maldives of Crossroads from 28-31 of this month.

The JD show will be held on 28th, 29th, 30th from 21 hrs to 23:30 hrs, and from 21 hrs to 22 hrs and 23 hrs to 00 hrs on 31st December.

Besides, the Marina will be decorated with colorful lights in a unique style. This is the first time in the Maldives that such an event is to be held. In that sense, the Marina will be lit with colorful lights in various designs for 10 minutes in a light show every night.

There will be a special event on 1st January as well at Marina Maldives. From 17 hrs there will be a show specially for children. That is a special show of Bill Brockman. In this show, interesting skills will be shown using musical instruments.

In addition to this, there are other special activities that will be carried on at Crossroads such as fireworks.

Moreover, there are special offers even now at Crossroads shops and restaurants on the occasion of the new year. There are many promotions that offer gifts for purchases.

Furthermore, to have a meal with family and friends the most ideal place these days is Crossroads. There are services of Japanese, Thai and Indian restaurants at the Crossroads. Other than these a London brand that is known as the Ministry of Crab is opened there and there are popular franchise brands such as the Hardrock.

There are outlets of popular restaurants of Male' as well at the Crossroads. To meal out in a happy, pleasant and satisfying environment Crossroads is the number one.