JP Primary: members registered by Thursday can vote

Jumhooree Party (JP) has stated that only those members remaining by coming Thursday can cast their votes in the party's primary, electing a candidate to participate in the local council elections.

JP released an announcement Tuesday stating that those registered with the party by Thursday will be able to cast their votes in the primary established to elect a candidate to participate in the elections on February 12.

The announcement further stated that they would be establishing a system so that JP members stationed outside of Male' city will also be able to cast their votes in the primary.

They have opened up opportunity for potential candidates to submit their applications in order to contend in the primary. The submission deadline has been set to the February 5, 20:20.

While the JP primary would ensue on the 12th of February, the MDP primary is set to be held coming Friday. Moreover opposition PPM will be holding their primary on the seventh next month. These three parties are the only ones that established a primary to elect their respective candidates.

While a total of 983 councillors will be elected in the local council elections, 33% of council seats will be reserved for women as per recent amendments to the Decentralization Act. As such, 370 seats will be occupied by women. Furthermore, 930 members will be contending for seats on the Women's Development Committees.