Whistleblower Protection Unit established under rights commission

The Whistleblower Protection Unit stipulated in the Whistleblower Protection Act has been established.

The Whistleblower Protection Unit is an independent unit established under the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) headed by HRCM’s Vice President Mohamed Zahir. The mandate of the unit is to provide protection to whistleblowers as per the Act.

HRCM said the unit's regulations have been publicized on the National Gazette, as well as the regulations on obtaining information and testimonies anonymously, investigating and taking action.

HRCM further stated that they have developed a guideline for government authorities' internal arrangementa and that it has been shared with the entities.

Arrangements have been made to submit issues to the Whistleblower Protection Unit via letters, form submission, email, website, and by attending the Unit, said HRCM.