Health Minister urges healthcare officials to be on standby

Following the increase in fear of COVID-19 in the Maldives, Health Minister Abdulla Ameen has urged the healthcare officials to be ready for service.

In a news brief held at Dharubaaruge on Wednesday following the detection of a local transmission case in capital Male', Minister Ameen said it is alarming to have detected a person infected with COVID-19 in a residential area, and that necessary measures have been immediately taken.

He said that measures and steps are in place considering a worst-case scenario in a place like Male’ which is densely populated. He urged all the health care officials to be prepared for such a scenario and be ready to provide a helping hand at this critical time.

“Male’ is the hub of everything. Following the detection of a person infected with the virus in Male’, we should take steps considering that the danger is now more significant. Therefore, I urge all the health care workers across the Maldives, to be prepared for a situation that we call all of you to be at the 'frontline'. We have developed protocols and taken all the measures for a worst-case scenario in the Male’ region. Hence, those who are currently at the service, those who served previously, and those who have been trained in this field, be ready for a call for service”, said Minister Ameen.

Following the detection of the first local transmission case in the Maldives, 54 people who had direct contact with the patient has been identified and isolated. 50 more people have been identified as secondary contacts and have been instructed to be self-quarantined at home. Two direct contacts have now been confirmed positive for the virus.

The capital Male’ is now placed on a 24 -hour lockdown, with strict movement restrictions.