Addu City Council instructs expats to register

Addu City Council has instructed the expatriates residing in the city and those newly arriving to the city to register with the residing ward’s office.

In an announcement issued by the Council office, the Council said expatriates already residing in Addu city must register with the office, and any newly arriving expatriates must be registered before their arrival. The decision was made in line with the Decentralization Act after discussion with the relevant authorities, said the council.

The Council said a designated form must be filled by the sponsors of the expatriates and it has to be filled even when they are sent back to their countries. The announcement further details that it is against the law to accommodate any undocumented expatriate in any household of the city. The expatriates who have not joined the re-registration programme implemented by the government and those undocumented expatriates will be evacuated to their respective countries, said the Addu City Council.