Over 1,700 tourists have visited Maldives since border reopening: stats

Over 1,700 tourists visted the Maldives during the period between July 15 to 31st, statistics have shown.

The tourism dependent archipelago closed ts borders to tourists earlier in March as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. After the country’s situation improved, the borders were reopened on July 15.

Statistics publicized by Maldives Immigration show 1,769 tourists visited the Maldives since the Maldives reopened borders until July 31. The most of the tourists arrived from the United Kingdom, with 258 tourists. The second-most number of tourists arrived from the United States with 189 tourists while UAE followed behind. Over 370 tourists visited the Maldives from four European countries.

While 61 out of 150 resorts resumed operation with the border reopening, the most number of tourists are expected to visit the Maldives during the peak season in December. The government has estimated that 800,000 tourists will visit the Maldives this year.