Local Council Election scheduled for April 10

The long-delayed Local Council Election, and the Women’s Development Committee election will be held on April 10, the Elections Commission has announced.

The Local Council Elections Special Provision Act—passed on May 10, 2020—led to the postponement of Local Council and Women’s Development Committees (WDC) elections in light of the State of National Health Emergency enforced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both votes were initially scheduled for April 2020.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih last week ratified amendments to the Local Council Elections Special Provisions Act which allows for elections to be held in the Maldives during the State of Public Health Emergency. According to the bill, the Elections Commission must initiate preparations and announce a rescheduled date for the vote within seven days from the date of ratification of the bill. The bill stipulates that the election must be held as per the guidelines set forth by the Director General of Public Health.

Speaking at the Election Commission’s National Advisory Council, President of the Commission, Ahmed Shareef Adam said the rescheduled date for the election is April 10, 2020. In this regard, preparations to hold the election will commence next Friday as per the recently ratified bill, said Shareef.

Shareef reiterated concerns on challenges faced by the commission in organizing the election as per the guidelines set by the Health Protection Agency.