Over 273,000 people eligible to vote in council election

Elections Commission has stated that 273,128 people are eligible to vote in the upcoming local council election.

Speaking regarding the election scheduled for April 10, the President of the Election’s Commission said the latest list of eligible voters include those who turn 18 ahead of the election. 5,134 voters will become eligible due to coming of age right before the election, said Shareef. The previous lists did not include these voters as the election was initially scheduled for an earlier date.

Responding to allegations that the Commission intended to leave out the newly 18-year olds from voting in the election, Shareef said the right to vote is assured in the constitution, and no commission can take away the right from eligible voters. He assured that the Elections Commission would not attempt to defy the constitution.

The Elections Commission is preparing to send vote boxes to islands this week. 2264 candidates will be contesting in the local council election while 1670 candidates will be contesting for seats on the Women’s Development Committee.