Parliament votes to dismiss officials suspected of receiving MMPRC funds

The Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of dismissing state officials listed as suspected recipients of MMPRC corruption funds.

The list of suspected beneficiaries as compiled by the Asset Recovery Commission was recently publicized by the Parliament. It named 281 individuals as recipients of corruption funds, and included the names of 119 past and presser state officials, including cabinet ministers and parliamentarians. The names of 16 current parliamentarians, both from main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and main opposition Progressive Party of the Maldives were also included in the list.

The parliament took a vote during Wednesday's sitting on the report compiled by the joint sub-committee comprising of members from both the Judiciary Committee and Security Committee. The report was passed by the parliament floor with 45 members voting in its favor. The floor also voted in favor of dismissing suspected beneficiaries who are currently fulfilling government posts.

The list of beneficiaries include Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof and State Minister of Planning, Akram Kamaluddin. The government has previously stated that both individuals will be dismissed when the criminal investigations are concluded and the cases are filed at court.

The report approved by the parliament recommends expediting the investigations into the individuals named on Asset Recovery Commission's list and arranging the necessary technical resources for the staff at the Anti Corruption Commission. It also recommended ordering banks and financial institutions to provide information necessary for the investigations.