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Term & Condition


The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable to the use of Avas Online. They are principles binding on all Journalists, Writers, Advertisers and Readers when using the newspaper as a Web-based Platform. Agreement to these terms is deemed as the following:


The content of the newspaper, including but not limited to Articles, Photos, Videos, Audios and such, while remaining the intellectual property of the newspaper, shall not be used, by anyone either for commercial or non-profit use, under the Copyright Act of Maldives, without the express consent of Avas, which fully exercises the right to pursue legal prosecution of parties who violate these terms and use the intellectual property of Avas without the newspaper’s explicit permission.

Avas shall conform all content published to the principles ascribed to the Constitution of Maldives and Islam.

Privacy, private interaction, and non-disclosure of information

The privacy of all the users of the newspaper are deemed already protected. The newspaper will not use any information of any user -- who uses the newspaper’s website -- to achieve any aims of the newspaper. Under any instance of violation of these terms, the user has the full authority to take legal action against the newspaper.

Liability of content

The Editorial of the newspaper shall bear full responsibility for the News and Information published on Avas. However, comments by users to News and other Information, and advertisements and such appearing on the newspaper’s website, are their own views and opinions. The benefits of advertising, as long as not endorsed and promoted by the newspaper, shall be enjoyed by the advertiser.


Everyone shall be provided the opportunity to file complaints related to the newspaper and its content. The newspaper assures readers that action shall be taken, where appropriate, against those responsible, after scrutiny of such complaints.

Website Users’ Feedback

Avas welcomes the assistance of readers, including related to the newspaper’s content. Where necessary, the newspaper shall publish amendments in relation to such content, in line with the editorial policy of the newspaper.

Readers’ feedback indicates the progress of the newspaper. The newspaper shall take into consideration all suggestions and recommendations regarding the newspaper’s layout and content.