Case review of 10-year old's death still ongoing

The Health Ministry has stated that it requires more time to complete the report on the death of 10-year old COVID-19 patient, Fathimath Mishka Mohamed.

Fathimath Mishka Mohamed was in quarantine with her family after testing positive for COVID-19 and was doing well. According to the family, Mishka's condition started deteriorating on Tuesday night, and the family called for an ambulance around 9:00 pm. However, the ambulance arrived almost 3 hours later around 11:40 pm and Mishka was not conscious by the time she was finally taken to the hospital. She passed away in IGMH's ER at 12:10 am, making her the Maldives' youngest COVID-19 victim to date.

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem in a press conference held Wednesday admitted negligence in handling Mishka's case and said a case review was being conducted. The review will be concluded later the same night, and the findings will be made public on Thursday, he had said.

Criticism is being at the ministry for not publicizing the findings of the report on Thursday as previously announced. Concerned citizens are voicing their frustrations over the delay in publishing the report on different social media platforms. Addressing these concerns, the Health Ministry on Friday published a tweet stating that the different aspects are still being investigated in relation to Mishka's death.

In addition to the Health ministry, the Parliament as well as Human Rights Commission of the Maldives is also investigating the case.