Administrative reorganization of the gov't approved by Parliament

The Parliament has approved the recent administrative reorganization of the government.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih dissolved the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology and renamed the Ministry of Environment as the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology on May 5. Additionally, the National Drug Agency (NDA), which was previously under the mandate of the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services, was placed under the Ministry of Health's mandate. The changes were made under President Solih’s efforts to improve and strengthen public services and ensure the delivery of the administration’s pledges.

The parliament's Government Oversight Committee approved the changes, and the parliament floor voted on the matter on Wednesday. 51 members voted in favour of the new changes, and no members voted against it.

With the dissolution of the Ministry of Communications, Science, and Technology, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology has been mandated with undertaking the functions and responsibilities of the dissolved office. The ministry's staff have been transferred to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology.