Pres commission releases reenactment video of missing journo's abduction

The Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances has released a re-enactment video of missing journalist, Ahmed Rilwan's abduction.

Rilwan was abducted in August 2014 outside his apartment in reclaimed suburb, Hulhumale'. The video publicized by the commission on Thursday include snippets of CCTV footage which shows Rilwan's movements on the night of his disappearance as well as reenactments of Rilwan being grabbed and forced into a car. It also showed CCTV footage of the movement of his suspected abductors who were shadowing him.

The video showed Rilwan attending a 'Baibala' match and him heading to the Hulhumale' Ferry Terminal after the match. The video said based on his movements, he is believed to have reached home by 1:45 am. A red car was parked near his flat when he arrived, and as soon as Rilwan approached his building, he was forced into the red car. The video showed the a knife used by his abductors dropping to the ground in the struggle to force Rilwan into the car.

At the end of the video, the commission said people who are aware of what happened to Rilwan and have information on his abduction are among the public. The commission implored those with information to come forward, and offered a reward of MVR 500,000 for anyone who gave credible information that can be used in court.