WHO hands over donation to Maldives' gov't

The World Health Organization (WHO) has donated medical equipment to the Maldives.

The items being donated by WHO were officially handed over to the Maldives government during a special ceremony held on Monday. The items were handed over to the government by WHO Representative to the Maldives, Dr. Nazneen Anwar.

The donation includes medicines used to treat COVID-19 patients, 11 Gene-Xpert machines, 10 Autoclaves, and 6 motorcycles to be used by the COVID-19 Rapid Response Teams. Equipment used to properly store VOCID-19 vaccines as well as additional test kits were also donated to the Maldives.

The Health Ministry said the donation of 11 Gene-Xpert machines will allow COVID-19 testing to take place in 18 atoll hospitals. The 10 autoclaves will allow the safe disposal of medical equipment, said the ministry.